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Where To Start With Planning Your Wedding.

If you're newly engaged then this is for you…

Where to start when designing your day, is a commonly asked question.

I always tell my couples, let’s start in the room where most of your time will be taken - your wedding breakfast / reception room

Firstly imagine how you want your room to look from a distance when your stood at the back, looking out to the whole of your wedding breakfast.

Break it down in terms of:

🤍 Size / Shape / No of tables

🤍 Dance floor / Stage / Live music

🤍 Top table / Sweetheart table

🤍 High ceilings? Tall centrepieces? Mix of tall + short to create depth?

🤍 Dark room? Do we need to create light?

Think of the room as a whole…. It’ll also help at this point if you have a rough number of day guests and rough idea of how you will seat them

Once that’s figured out - lets get thinking about tables, the tablescape, then finer details. If your a guest taking a picture of the place setting what do want it to look like? But also factor in your style of food at this point too…

Will you be having a sit down meal, grab + go, carve your own, graze boards… As you will need to make allowances on tables according to your meal

Then you can go onto ceremony (if this is a wedding venue that caters for everything!) And work out, what can I reuse? Whats multipurpose? What can I bring into the ceremony for the short 30 minutes, without breaking the bank but looking luxe all at the same time!

And once all of those particulars have been figured out you can then see whats left in your budget for more, and where in your venue needs more? From staircase styling, signs, backdrops etc..

Now when it's broken down does that seem a lot less easier to swallow or what huh?

Who’s now raring to go and get their styling underway?

Click the link in our bio and fill out the enquiry form to secure us for your big day!

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