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Here at Styled By Lulabelles, we take pride in our ability to provide a comprehensive and industry-leading training program, that is completely one of its kind.

You'll not only learn how to style a wedding, but also how to successfully run your business behind the scenes, which begins once contracts are signed and takes four weeks to complete. 

80% of our training is completed remotely via zoom, sharing screens with 'homework' given all in bitesized pieces to avoid overwhelm. 

20% of our training is in person, including a mock wedding at a wedding venue complete with professional on brand images and content creation to kick start your social media accounts.

Essex Franchisee Training Styled Shoot Barn Wedding
Essex Franchise Family Mother Daughter Business Wedding Styled Shoot
The next part of our support and training guidance is styled shoots and/or wedding open days and fairs. I promise to hold your hand and assist you on how to sell to clients in person. Style under pressure and all things supplier etiquette, in a room of other incredible wedding pros.

Everyone's ability to learn and grow in confidence is an individual journey, so if you would like me at your first wedding, shoot, open day, showcase.. and i can make it - then i will be there to take directions, and ask questions IF need be.

There is only so much you can learn from 'make believe' scenarios. I am big advocate of learning on the job. And though i have been doing this several years, i will never turn up to your wedding to run the show. I will be there as an extra pair of hands and support system, taking direction from yourself to give you the much needed space to take ownership of your own booking.

The support and guidance we give to you as a franchisee looks very different to each individual. But our group support includes:

Monthly zoom sessions to catch up, set goals, get accountable for our months ahead. 

We aim to do quarterly masterclasses, which is new to 2024. From calligraphy to content creation. If you feel you need assistance with something that could add value to your business, I will try my hardest to facilitate a masterclass in this for you.

Annual styled shoot - with a competitive edge! The one time a year where the franchisee's are pitted up against each other to win a prize voted for by our social media audience. 

Content creation days, these are sporadic throughout the year and often organised by our very own franchisees. A day to catch up, play with new stock and create content. 

We have a whatsapp group chat, in which we will add supplier sales, talk about up coming events, ask questions and just general chat between likeminded business owners. 

And anything else you need support on, I am always on the other end of the phone. Whether thats a pep talk, planning an upcoming shoot, advice on how to deal with a difficult client or marketing strategies. I am here to help ease the burden and work our way through it.


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