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The Wedding Guest Survival Guide: Do's and Don'ts 💒

Weddings are beautiful occasions where love is in the air, tears are shed, and the dance floor is on fire! But being a wedding guest comes with great responsibility. A few tips from do's and don'ts of wedding guest etiquette from a newlywed and her bridesmaid.

1. Do RSVP (and don't wait until the last minute!) RSVP stands for "Répondez S'il Vous Plaît," not "Really Sorry, Very Procrastinated." Respect the couple's hard work and RSVP promptly. Don't be that person who waits until the eleventh hour, causing the bride to have a nervous breakdown.

2. Do dress to impress When it comes to wedding attire, find a balance between stylish and respectful. Some couples have a dress code stated on the invite, this may be a theme colour or they’re going for a specific vibe like Gatsby themed. Think classy, glam and remember, it's the couple's day to shine!

3. Read your invite again! All of the information you need is on the invitation - don’t swamp the couple with questions in the lead up to the wedding, as they are probably having a menty b at this point! If the invite states no children, respect the request and don’t ask if you can bring your child.

4. Respect the couples requests and timing Be punctual, when the ceremony has already started it’s not your turn to make an entrance to find your seat. If you are late, watch from the back of the room instead of making a scene.

5. Do enjoy the open bar (but don't become a hot mess!) Open bars are brilliant, but pace yourself. Enjoy responsibly and keep your dignity intact.

6. Do take photos (but don't turn into a paparazzi) Capture those precious moments and share the love on social media, but also respect the photographer and don’t get in their way blocking their shots. However, resist the urge to live-stream the entire ceremony or block the aisle with your iPad for the perfect shot. Remember, the couple hired professionals for a reason.

7. Do follow the couple's wishes (but don't be a rebel!) Respect the couple's requests, whether it's an unplugged ceremony, a specific dress code, or no karaoke during the reception. Put your phone on silent during the ceremony - there’s nothing worse than someone’s Justin Bieber ringtone going off in a quiet ceremony room.

Being a wedding guest is an honour and a chance to celebrate the love between two people. By following these do's and don'ts, you'll not only make the couple's day memorable but also keep your reputation intact. So enjoy the love filled day & dance the night away.

Jane + Ploy xoxo

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