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How do Silk Flowers benefit your wedding day?

Silk flowers are becoming more and more popular! Not only at weddings but for home décor, door wreaths, shop displays and much more.

But WHY? Why choose silk?

They are cheaper but still have that wow factor look (well our ones do anyway!!) Weddings are all about budget control, spending money where it’s needed but making sure you are happy with the way everything looks.

You’re going to get what you pick! Silk flowers are the only type of flowers where you will physically be able to see the colours and size before your day.

NO wastage. Fresh flowers are gorgeous but they die, sometimes the next day so when you have 10 tables worth of flowers think carefully about what you are going to do with them but if you hire silk you don’t have that problem.

Allergies aren’t a problem, in the height of summer we see a lot of hay fever so take away the constant sneezing with silk.

Our silk floral ranges at Styled by Lulabelles Beds & Cambs are gorgeous and constantly growing for a wider range of uses, check out our Instagram today to see your favourite range!

Tash xo

Tasha from Styled By Lulabelles Bedfordshire + Cambridgeshire

Find me at @styledbylulabelles_beds_cambs

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