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I started my wedding planning pretty much as soon as I got engaged (not to mention my ideas prior to that!!) here are the first things I/we did…

  • Think about where we wanted to get married - country & location

  • Make a rough guest list - we made a list of people we knew we wanted at our wedding, this was then helpful when venue searching to know where could accommodate our numbers

  • & finally venue searching! This is where I was happy to take the wedding planning reigns. I made a list of about 10 venues to go through with my partner, we then narrowed it down and booked 3 venue viewings.

Within 2 months of then booking our venue, our wedding day was pretty much set! How you ask?

As soon as we booked & paid the deposit for our venue, I made a list of what suppliers we needed/ wanted. I then sourced suppliers, got quotes (I found it easier to find the suppliers myself) & then we picked our favourite ones together. This was ALL done online with no face-to-face meetings with anyone!! This can be done!

Maybe because I work in the industry I trusted to do this? But I just knew how important it is to secure your suppliers early- because once this is done, you have nothing to worry about!

Now that I have all my suppliers, my venue & my invites sent out, all I need to do is wait! Think about what I want my wedding to look like, chase RSVPs & enjoy the quiet for a while.

It doesn’t sound like a lot of advice, but the best thing is to get things booked as soon as possible! Tell people what you are doing, don’t ask & and just enjoy everything, your day will come around and be over with SO fast!

If your over on instagram, I’ll be posting my top tips for planning a wedding over there… check me out, @styledbylulabelles_beds_cambs and also, i've left my useful to do list below to help you on your planning journey

Tash xo

Tasha from Styled By Lulabelles Bedfordshire + Cambridgeshire

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