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Let's Talk About The Importance Of A Tablescape

Let me explain the importance of a tablescape…

I spend half of my week talking about these with couples - not realising this is like foreign language to non wedding / industry pros!

Tablescapes are designed to ✨ ENHANCE ✨ your guests dining experience. They can encourage conversation + elevate their experience

Theres so much science to this, I could blab one all day and bore you to tears about the psychology of colour, how the difference in textures can make you feel, shapes + focal points, adding depth and attracting you eye at different levels in different places…

But I’ll keep it simple

Weddings have come along way over the years, and we now know, they are SO MUCH MORE than just ceremony, good food + drink.

We want to give our guests an experience of a lifetime, we want our guests to walk away and say what an amazing day they had. That’s why we put on various types of entertainment from magicians, to live music. Bouncy castles to creches.

And the decor is only getting more elaborate with that also! And this is where tablescapes are a big factor.

We’re wanting the most beautiful centrepieces, whether that’s fresh florals, crystal or an abundance of candles, we want our guests to love their tables, and for the scape of the room to look magnificent when everyone walks in for the first time.

And in the last few years we are now seeing a rise in going beyond just a table centrepiece.

We all want those charger plates + a change of napkin, either in texture or colour - or sometimes both! A change up of cutlery, and a luxe table number. (Pssst no one wants card shoved in a metal holder anymore)

And then the chairs! Chair dressing is on another level with the possibilities we can do with fabrics to give you a soft flowy luxe appeal!

Eight perfectly dressed chairs around a table, with a change up on table linens (napkins/cloths or both) charger plates, with cute favours and placenames and matching details for table numbers, combined with a magnificent centrepiece

You got yourself a talking point. You just elevated your guests entertaining experience before the main course has even arrived!

Because you know those ladies are going to be getting those ‘gram pictures of the place setting, those keepsake placenames are going straight in the clutch bag + your perfectly designed tablescapes are now in everyones background images for the next 2 hours straight

Who wants to create the tablescape of dreams with me 🙋🏼‍♀️

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