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Why Choose Silk Florals for your Wedding Day?

Here at Styled By Lulabelles, we're specialists in a lot of fields; tea making, weddings and styling (obvs), and SILK FLORALS!... just to name a few.

Here are the ⚡ ️ F O U R ⚡️ main reasons for choosing Silk Flowers for your wedding day:

🌸 1. Great for those couples, and guests of course, who have hayfever!

🌸 2. Imagine all of the things (aka lovely gifts) you need to take home in your car with you the next day? You won't need to worry about taking your real flowers home and squishing them in the car if you were to choose silk flowers.

🌸 3. What you see is what you get!! - you're guaranteed the colour you have chosen. The colours of fresh flowers can differ depending on the weather.

️ 🌸 4. Last but not least... it's cheaper! We reuse our floral centrepieces, so we're also able to keep the costs down.

We're definitely not saying that silk flowers are better than fresh, because that would be a matter of an opinion ☺️

Would you choose FRESH or FAUX? 🌹

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