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Style a Wedding with us at Swynford Manor Wedding Venue!

Style a Wedding with us at Swynford Manor, Cambridgeshire Wedding Venue

Swynford Manor, a luxury, exclusive wedding venue nestled in the Cambridgeshire countryside - a showstopper in our opinion.

Needless to say we’re huge fans of this venue as it’s so rich in history and so sophisticated in style. It makes for the perfect wedding venue for the classy and elegant couple AND for wedding stylists like us, who thrive on timeless style and tasteful decor.

We’re here all the time and the team at Swynford Manor are exceptional and always make us feel welcome at every set-up/pack down.

So I bet you’re wondering what it is we actually do?! “Where is my hard earned money going?!” Well let us walk you through the steps in which we take to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the morning of your wedding and how it guarantees that smile on your face when you see how we’ve styled your wedding venue.

Step 1: Prep! Whether that be ironing table cloths, chair chiffons or washing and drying and charger plates, this part takes time and can only be done by our team of naturally born perfectionists!

Step 2: Loading the van. Yup, we’re strong, we have muscles and WE WORK OUT during this process but we LOVE doing it. It’s a full on game of tetris when we load the van but we’re such experts in this… it’s a skill!

Step 3: Arrive on location, unload the van and begin setup! We usually start on chair covers (we have 4 styles for you to choose from) then work our way to centrepieces and table styling, table plans and everything else.

Step 4: Final checks! We always like to triple check that we’ve done everything before cleaning up, packing our van and leaving the venue.

Before your wedding day, we’ll have all of your information at hand in terms of your schedule for the morning so that we can set up in time for you - in fact, you probably won’t even notice us setting up at all! We’re that quiet and that efficient!

Are you ready to book with us and have us style your wedding day? Head to our contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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