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Funeral or Wedding? You decide...

It's been well over a year now, since i first got married. And still to this day I get so many questions about the whole look, the styling i created and why I chose BLACK! So i thought now is as good as time as ever to recap, and give you all the details of our day.



Firstly, i would like to thank the amazing team at Swynford Manor for allowing this to happen. Without their flexibility, warmth and kindness - this never would have taken place. We moved our wedding to December 2021, earlier that year however we were still invited to to have our ceremony & dinner within the restrictions of 15 people. COVID opened our eyes alot, my grandad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and we didn't know how present he would be in 2021, so we jumped at the opportunity to get officially married.



I knew, if i were to have TWO weddings, i was going to milk it for all that i could!!! 😂I've wanted a white wedding for so long, it was booked, paid for and all planned - and this was now put on hold for 2021. I had seen so many couples get upset during the pandemic trying to recreate their big day on a small scale. So i knew it had to be completely different. Personally I'm not a fan of colour, black is my fave and was so fitting with the venue. It was an easy decision to make. From outfit choices to table linen. Nothing was ever too black.

I LOVE candles, and i needed to fatten up the ceremony room - 15 people in a room that caters for 100, just felt too cold and empty. So a week before the wedding, i went on a pillar candle spree (and with only two weeks until Christmas, this was not an easy task when churches were emptying the shelves!) But we made it work. Decorated the Christmas Trees with black and gold. And asked one of the best in the business Julia from @what_the_fleur to add some dark foliage on the mantlepiece and registrar table, to fit in with the trees and my most amazing vampy bouquet - i need that recreated for my house! I went for a black weave on the black chairs. And handed out black satin face masks to all of our guests on arrival.

For our wedding breakfast, we had afternoon tea set up in the smaller of rooms at Swynford. I wanted to feel cosy as the restrictions would allow. I opted for black sequins teamed with a gold beaded charger plate and black napkin, with the same black weaved chairs from ceremony. Black on Black on Black! Keeping with the theme of candles, we had a mixture of crystal candelabras and crystal candle holders for table decor, and a personalised bauble with gold sequins for place name / favour doubled up.

All signs were created for me by the amazing Rose at Handmade By Rose in black acrylic with gold mirrored acrylic on top, the cake topper is amazing!!!!! Our not so traditional black wedding cake created. by our shop neighbour Sapphire Cakes - and it tasted incredible (as always!)



I contacted Dani to do my original make up, and i've been going to her for years. I felt no need for a trial (and in all honesty i had no time whatsoever - we had two weeks after coming out of lockdown which i was convinced wouldn't happen!) So a couple of days before the wedding, Dani asked what i was feeling - i literally sent her a picture of a red lipstick and went, this vibe please! No wedding make up here. And she KILLED IT!!! Making me and my mum feel like a snapchat filter of dreams.

The one thing i completely left to last minute was my hair because i had no idea what i wanted. I gave heavily pregnant Elly a message with my fingers and toes crossed so tightly that i cut off circulation, hoping she'd be able to fit me in. She sorted me out a Sunday trial just so i could make it to her before the wedding as time was now tight. I told her I love Blake Lively's hair, something big up top, not neat, messy and of course nothing wedding'y!! I loved my hair, i never wanted to take it out and she made my sisters feel like amazing with their make up's too!



Now I have been given far too much credit for my choice of outfit than I deserve. I bought a last minute jumpsuit in the sale from Pretty Lavish for £32! It was pure laziness on my part. I tried it one once, my mum took up the trouser legs for little dwarf Abbie! And I thought yeah that'll do. I love it, and could never part with it, maybe i'll get it out again for a christmas party. The cape and the wide leg was just everything - but I honestly didn't see this until I looked back at the day. I teamed it with my Loubs that I was supposed to be saving for the big wedding, but i needed some extreme height with the jumpsuit and little time to find anything.

My daughters outfit, her tutu from the best - Six Stories (If you know, you know!) a little zara velvet top and shoe! Easy peasy. Ashleys suit was bought from Moss Bros, about 5 days before the wedding!!! And little Jaxon's was from Roco Clothing (They do the most amazing suits for boys!)



I think I left the best until last! When i messaged Matt Wing a month prior to the wedding, explaining I may be getting married, I may not! He told me he currently had a booking but felt they may reschedule. I have never wished for someone to cancel their wedding so hard. When he told me they postponed, I think I wee'd a little 😂 The whole dark, vampy vibes wasn't going to be pulled off, if i didn't have the photographer with a fitting style! And Matt was the only man for the job. He made us laugh, took time to listen to stories from the oldies, captured everything and more from a small intimate wedding, and his turn around on photos was lightening speed!

I'll pop a gallery of pictures all taken by Matt here, let me know what you think of an all black wedding? Should black be left for funerals only?

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