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Five Ways To Avoid Stress On Your Wedding Morning — Tips From a Recent Newlywed

No matter how organised you are and how calm of a person you may be, stressful situations may occur on the morning of your wedding, but these situations are always totally avoidable!

Take it from me... after 5 postponements and having worked in the wedding industry as both an events coordinator, bridal makeup artist and also Marketing Manager for SBL and recent bride myself, I feel like I can somewhat call myself an expert?!

I was lucky enough to have a very stress-free wedding morning when I married my husband at Swynford Manor in March this year. As we had postponed so many times, I had plenty of time to prepare and anticipate certain situations and totally avoid them, and to be honest I definitely succeeded… my bridesmaids have crowned me ‘The Most Chill Bride’ that they’ve ever known.

In the two years we were waiting to get married, I had also given birth to a beautiful baby girl who was 7 months at the time, so mine and my then-fiance’s mind-set and priorities had definitely changed. I guess you could say that we were just itching to get married and begin our lives as husband and wife after all of the chaos that had unfolded in 2020.

If we put the postponements aside and also the fact that I am a pretty ‘calm’ person, I also made sure that I stuck to these 5 simple facts to avoid the stress on the morning of my wedding:

  1. Use your bridal squad. I’m a hypocrite for advising this because I hardly wanted them to do anything but enjoy themselves! This is a tip in itself, because the more they enjoy themselves, the more you will! The only task I asked them to do was lock the door of our bridal suite in the morning and don’t let many people in the room apart from my mum, aunt and the Swynford Manor team. So perhaps take into account your getting ready ‘guestlist’ aka the people you don’t mind pestering you. Remember that your wedding day has already started as soon as you wake up in the morning and it's a time to relax and let your glam squad and wedding vendors do all the hard work.

  2. Schedule, Schedule, Schedule! I had my little spreadsheet down to the T with timings such as; what time to wake up, shower, tend to my little girl and begin doing my own makeup. It’s also important to schedule time to have breakfast, a meeting with the registrar and a bit of wiggle room to just enjoy the morning. However, do not stress if the schedule doesn't go to plan! The most important thing is that you get married!!

  3. Liaise with your suppliers. This falls under the above. Honestly, schedule your photographer to come at a time that is right for you! Your suppliers will work with you to ensure that you’re comfortable.

  4. Do not do it all yourself. Trust me with this one, whatever it is you have envisioned for your big day, just do it. Whether it’s a band that you wanted, a wedding planner, photographer or venue stylist. You don’t want to regret anything! I knew I wanted Styled By Lulabelles to style my wedding and I’m honestly so glad that I did because my initial thought was to do it all myself… I’m a creative person who loves this kind of thing - so why not, right?! Wrong! Imagine all of that stress trying to find all of the suppliers for decorations, the van hire, the time that you would need to do it all yourself in the morning!

  5. Enjoy yourself! I know, sounds simple right? But honestly, blast that music, dance with your bridal party in the morning and take your time getting ready! Just trust the process and know that everything will fall into place.

Ploy xx

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