Abbie + Ash

“Seems silly doesn’t it? A wedding, given everything that’s going on.

Maybe that’s the best reason to have it. Because of everything that’s going on”

Believe it or not, as much as I love everything about my wedding day - I was never supposed to be a gothic bride and get married without my best friends there

That was never part of my plan, that wasn’t the wedding of my dreams

But... it was the best day ever

I will be having the wedding I originally planned and dreamed of, since I was a little girl but that’s because it was freaking expensive, it’s paid off already and I couldn’t bare to lose what is probably the equivalent to two house deposits

Looking back it seems absolutely ridiculous that I have spent that kind of money on my wedding

If I hadn’t spent that sort of money, if I could have had 30 guests - which would have covered everyone I loved, then my black intimate wedding would have been more than enough

This year taught me even more so that time is precious, to stop trading time for money, life is extremely short and you’ve only got one shot at it so do what you bloody well want too!!

How has this year changed your perspective?

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